Friday, August 24, 2018

How to Choose a Survey Site Without Getting Ripped Off

Before you can earn your first dollar taking online surveys for cash you must first join a reputable site. This is critical. The harsh reality is that most survey sites are merely referring you to someone else's panel site and then counting that site's registration bonus as earnings. Bogus.

A true survey site works with market research companies to gather opinions on an ever-changing variety of topics. This allows you to earn recurring cash on a daily basis. Each survey has its own payout. You can do multiple surveys each day. Your survey site tracks and collects your commissions for you, and when you reach a payout threshold (typically $30) allows you to cash in.

Steps to Earning Real Cash From A Survey Site

  1. Determine that the website focusses on surveys and not cashback offers
  2. Check that it pre-qualifies subscribers for its surveys
  3. Make sure that its available surveys are not just other survey sites
  4. Make sure it has a mobile app, so you can work while you are on the go.
  5. Make sure that it pays out in cash.
  6. Check its reputation in Trust Pilot, Google Reviews and the BBB.

Here are three sites that meet these criteria.

1) Cashback Research is unique because it pre-qualifies users for surveys. This reduces the amount of time you spend trying to take the wrong surveys. Cashback specializes in surveys, with very few other activies, so you won't be distracted by advertising concealed as cashback "opportunities." They have been around since 2007, pay out in cash through Paypal or Amazon gift cards, have an active Facebook page and a dedicated help desk. They also have a mobile app that further simplifies earning cash online.  If you're looking for a legit site that will allow you to earn a little extra cash each week, then look no further. (

2) Swagbucks is a big player in rewarding online activities, and they have a tab for surveys. It also provides shopping and other activities that have nothing to do with surveys but which could potentially supplement your survey earnings. They also have a mobile app. (

3) Inbox Dollars has been around as long as Cashback Research, and also provides survey-taking opportunities as well as other activities for cash. They have a mobile app that ties all of this together. (

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