Monday, August 27, 2018

What Planet Mars Has To Do With Earning Cash Online

In order to earn more cash from surveys, you have to actually make it to the end of the survey, and to do that you must run through a minefield of quality control questions.

So what is a quality control question? These are questions that market researchers slip into their survey flows that ensure you are being honest and engaged. Some of them are pretty straightforward, while others are downright diabolical. If you flub one of these questions you'll be bumped from the survey. If you flub too many, you may get banned for several days or even forever.

 As I took my daily surveys today I kept track of every quality control question I encountered. There were eight in all. Answering these questions is critical to earning a cash reward from online surveys. The 8 questions fell into five categories.

The Trickster

I saw one of my favorite all-time Tricksters today: How many episodes have you watched of "Survivor: Mars?" Now as far as I know, the popular reality show has not yet made it to The Red Planet, so any answer other than "0" will get you bumped from the survey. (As a side note, if they ever make it to Mars, I'll definitely tune in!)

The Yardstick

These questions are the equivalent of your high school teacher slapping a yardstick on your desk to see if you're awake. I saw three of these today. One told me to select "beige" from a list of colors. Another asked me to identify the animals that I might find on a farm. Another asked me which of the following fruits were berries.

The Essay

Two of these showed up for me today. One asked me "What is your favorite food and why?" The other asked, "What is your favorite childhood memory." Obviously the researchers don't care about the answer to either of these questions, but a person who takes time to give a thoughtful answer is someone from whom they would like to hear. So be sure to write at least three sentences in reply. Their filters are looking for people who are engaged and involved in the survey. An answer like, "Lobster cuz it's yummy" may get you bumped (even if it's true).

The Diabolical

These are more common than you think, and you have to really pay attention to spot them. I saw one today on a survey about my flying habits. The survey asked how many times I flew in the last 12 months. I answered 6. Later, the same survey asked how many times I flew first class, economy plus and economy. This was a diabolical quality control question. If these three numbers do not add up to 6, then either you were riding on the wing or you were not being honest. This would get you dropped from the survey.

The Invisible

By their very nature, I can't know how many invisible quality control questions I encountered today. An example would be if they ask you early in the survey what you earn annually. Then if they ask again much later in the survey, you had better give the same answer. This goes for almost any question that is asked multiple times.

Earning More Cash Online

So what's the takeaway from all this? Market researchers have gotten very good at obtaining quality research online. Your best hope of earning the most cash from online surveys is to pay attention and be honest. Which is good advice anyway, right?


  1. i always answer honestly and never to the survey. i dont fly or me or my family dont work in the catagories they have. i work in the healthcare and transportation and can not get to take the surveyss. so how do u qualify?

  2. It sounds like you're doing everything right. There is nothing wrong with working in healthcare or transportation. There are plenty of paying surveys that won't disqualify you because of this. Also, not being a frequent flyer is only a problem if you're taking a survey about airline choices. Today I see surveys about entertainment, consumer electronics, snack foods, insurance, smoking and politics. Plus lots of "mystery surveys" labeled "other" or "your opinion counts." I don't see any reason that with persistance you would get accepted into many of these.


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