Saturday, August 25, 2018

What To Do When Things Go Wrong

This was not the post I wanted to make today. I imagined writing about my awesome experience taking our latest smoking survey from the FDA that is paying $2.50. Alas, that didn't work out. Instead, the app decided that I was residing in the UK and demanded a UK-styled postal code. Huh?

Because I work at Cashback Research, I could do what you cannot: I called up the daily quota stats on that survey: 0 completed smoking surveys today. Zero. Now I knew why. Sheesh!

So now I get to write about what to do when something goes wrong. Here goes:

  1. Don't throw your phone or laptop. That won't help. And worse, you'll lose your ability to...
  2. Tell us about it. Submit a ticket, and we'll get back to you personally, usually the same day. You may also post on our Facebook page.
  3. Don't impersonate a Brit. Besides being a violation of our Honesty Policy, you'll have to mind all of those alien spellings of analyse, disc and car park. Brilliant!
  4. Find other things to do. Presently, there over 47 cash-paying activities on the desktop dashboard and 14 on the mobile app. While I waited for the zip code error to be fixed, I earned $3.50 by installing the Mobile Expressions app on my phone. Long overdue. I'm now just $5.25 from another cash payout!
  5. Be cool. Please don't curse at me in your ticket. The error is from our research partner; we're just the middle man. Besides, NO ONE can take the smoking survey right now, so the budget will not go away. I'll still be able to earn $2.50 cash on that survey once the form is fixed. 

Hm. That will leave me just $2.75 short of my next payout. There is a daily survey on cereals that pays $1.15. Maybe I'll give that a try over lunch.

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