Friday, September 7, 2018

But What About My Privacy?

So you want to earn cash online by taking surveys online. But you don't like sharing personal information. Does that mean you you are stuck?

Absolutely not. The very tenets of market research dictate that the data collected is not connected to any particular individual. It's like a big jar into which your answers are thrown. Your answers are in there, but there is no way to associate those answers to you. You remain anonymous.

So why does Cashback Research collect the information that it does?

When you sign up to Cashback Research, you are asked basic questions about yourself - Name, Date of Birth, Address and Gender. We use it to find surveys for which you are eligible. If you think it's hard to complete a survey on our daily dashboard, imagine if you had to wade through surveys that were for the opposite gender, or teenagers-only or retirees-only or pregnant woman only, and so on. You'd waste hours on surveys for which you are ineligible.

Using the basic information we collect on you, our survey search engine is able to go to our market research providers and build a daily survey page for you that is filled only with surveys that can earn you free cash right away. And that's really all there is to it.

If you take our profile surveys, which are optional, then we learn more about your interests, education and health. This allows us to refine our search for surveys, but it is optional and only for your benefit. We don't share any of this information.

The trouble is: Some websites do. How can you spot a site that shares your information?

For one thing, you need to know that the site is secure. The web address should begin: https, not http. "S" is for "Secure."

But even a secure site can share information deliberately. It's all contained in the privacy policy of any website. It's usually a little link by the signup form and on the footer of most pages. The trouble is, these policies can be littered with legalese. So here's a trick.

How to determine if your personal information will be safe - or shared with others:

  1. Navigate to the privacy policy page.
  2. Hit CNTL-F to pull up the search function. (F is for Find)
  3. Search for "third-party." There will probably be several results.
  4. Read through each of reference. If you see language that says, "We occassionally share information with third-parties..." then you have your answer. Your information will leave their servers and go to outsiders, generally advertisers.
  5. Repeat Step 3 with the word "share" and again evaluate the references.
I invite you to read our privacy policy here. If you any questions, please let us know.

Michael H. is the founder of Cashback Research, a leading supplier of paid survey respondents for market research.

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