Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Does Anyone Ever Win A Sweepstakes?

In 12 years operating Cashback Research, with over 10 million members worldwide, we have never had a single member win a sweepstakes. Not one.

I repeat: Not one winner.

If you are using our daily surveys app (android - desktop) to earn cash rewards, then you are probably earning LOTS of sweepstakes entries. I know I am. Instead of giving you the bad news that you were not accepted into a survey, you are congratulated on your Sweepstakes Entry.

Oh, brother.

In a typical day of survey-taking, I get rejected 4 times out of 5, which means that on my quest to complete at least two surveys per day, I am earning almost 3,000 sweepstake entries per year.

I simply ignore these, and I suggest that you do too. Cashback Research is all about how to earn cash online for free. "Earn." Not "win." I built it for that purpose, and it works for that end. Sweepstakes are a distraction, a way of letting you down gently when you are rejected from a survey. But what these market researchers don't know is that we understand that rejection is part of the process. And whether you are a work-at-home mom trying to earn extra cash or a student who needs free money fast, you know you have been earning legit cash online at Cashback Research. So you press on - with or without a sweepstakes entry.

I hope one day to write a blog about one of our members winning big in a sweepstakes. But until then, the math speaks for itself. 12 years. 10 million+ members. Zero winners.

Michael H. is the founder of Cashback Research, a leading supplier of paid survey respondents for market research.

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