Sunday, September 2, 2018

Is There A "Best Day" To Take A Survey?

Yes! You will always earn more money taking surveys online on the first of any month. Surveys budgets are added on the start of each month, so the first of the month is always the best day. Today, for example, I had an incredible run, going four for four on surveys. I earned $11.80 which took me well above the threshold for my next $30 payout! I haven't had a day like since, well, this time last month.

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So how does this work behind the scenes? Each market research project comes with budgets for individual segments with a demographic filter overlay. A typical research panel budget may look like this:

55+: 200
46-55: 400
36-45: 400
21-35: 400

Males: 60%
Females: 40%

White/Caucasian: 25%
African American: 10%
Hispanic: 10%
Other: 55%

These budgets get uploaded at the start of the month. As segments fill over the course of the month the survey itself pays out less and less frequently until by the end only a very select group is even potentially able to qualify. At Cashback Research we use technology to determine what segments are still left BEFORE we invite you to a survey, which saves you time and increases your odds considerably. But still, the start of the month is the time when there is the most budget for the widest number of surveys.

We don't suggest that you only take surveys one day a month, but if there's one day you do not want to miss, then it's the first of the month.


  1. I also do my surveys in the mornings! It's possible that new budget is added each morning. I will try to followup on this. Thanks for the tip!


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